NAO is the latest headlamp from Petzl - which brings together all the technological innovations of the past few years. Cree XP-G LED’s as a light source, 18650 Li-Ion cell as a power source, programming modes and charging via USB. Anything else? New Zephyr carrying system and "Reactive" - the system that automatically adjusts the light to your needs...


Petzl Myo RXP - review of one of the strongest headlamp on the market in the up to 100$ category.

Hello boys and girls charismas is coming so you need to know that to buy for a present ? These year Petzl move his lazy corporate ass earlier and we have new headlamp available in December, not in January.


Petzl Tikka XP 2014

Tikka and Tikka XP are ones of the most popular headlamps in the world. Lightweight, reliable, long operation time - these are the characteristic features of the whole family. After the average successful series Tikka 2, Petzl started seriously to refresh the whole series of Tikkas. New led's, new casings, new approach to the light distribution. And, finally, the long expected regulated power supply…


The first presentations already hit the net in the last year - a new, revolutionary, proven in terms of light output in the integrated sphere. A lot of promises as from the company, which has warmed the rear seat for a long time and only try to keep a pace with the dominant Petzl.


First, some history, the lamp on the left is Lupine Edison - one of the last bicycle HID lamps manufactured. In mid-2008 it was too weak and too expensive in production and in addition too sensitive to vibrations during ride. As if that was not enough of the catalogs 900 lumens at 16W it gave only about 500 lumens of light.


LedLenser - my unfavorite company selling lamps without regulation, at highly inflated prices. If Chinese people learned of tricking specifications, it must have been exactly from them: ). H7 is already a rather not new design, but there was no occasion to acquaint more close:].